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Adam and Eve

Choice Puzzle

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We develop - with love, obviously - mobile games for everyone across the world, limitless of age or gender! Our unique designs make the games we make even more special and attractive. But most importantly, we are a family here, with every single member of our team and every single person who plays our games!

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The series ends, the game begins!

Çukur, the successful series of Ay Yapım is coming to an end. However, for those who scream their agony, anger and love to the walls; the mobile game of Çukur is just beginning.

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Feed the Cat

Ear Cleaner


Flip your ear cleaner correctly to fit into the ears of these poor people waiting for you to help them. Hit as many ears and collect as much objects as you can. Don’t forget to throw your ear cleaner in the lego bin when you are done!

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Adam and Eve

Choice Puzzle

Adam and Eve were living in the Garden of Eden. When Adam and Eve ate the apple from the forbidden tree, they both were cast out of Eden and came to the world. Help these two survive in the world with the right choices!

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Feed the Cat
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Roll and Earn


A new exciting Play&Earn approach; you will earn money while playing the game. Watch ads, claim your points and earn money. Poly SDK powered by Polyverse used in the game

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Funika Games is a mobile game studio focused on casual game genre.


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